GLEE Preschool

Group Learning Education Experience.

Calendar of Events 2016 - 2017



Tues, Wed., Thurs.,   8/23, 8/24, 8/25:  3 Year Old Camp (Golden Guppies)

Tues, Wed.. Thurs.,   8/30,  8/31,  9/1 :   3 Year Old Camp (Bouncy Bugs)



Tues., 9/6- Busy Bees (2s) Open House (6:00-7:00 PM)

Wed., 9/7- 3s and 4s Open House :

(6:00- 6:45 PM) Bouncy Bugs and Green Frogs /

(6:45-7:30) Golden Guppies and Brown Bears

Thurs., 9/8- Open House (10:00AM- 12:00 PM) All Classes


MONDAY, 9/12 –

FIRST DAY OF CLASS for Bees, Guppies, Frogs, & Bears!

TUESDAY, 9/13-

FIRST DAY OF CLASS for Bouncy Bugs!


 Fri., 9/16- GLEE School Picnic at FISHER PARK   (11:30AM-1:00PM)

Tues., 9/20- Parent Meeting for Green Frogs & Brown Bears
Wed., 9/ 21- Parent Meeting for Busy Bees

Thurs., 9/22 - Parent Meeting for Bouncy Bugs & Golden Guppies

Wed., 9/28- Green Frogs, Brown Bears, Busy Bees : PICTURE DAY!

Thurs., 9/29- Bouncy Bugs, Golden Guppies:  PICTURE DAY!



Mon., 10/3- LUNCH BUNCH Starts for Green Frogs/Brown Bears

Wed., 10/5- KIDSTUFF $ or Books are due

Thurs  10/13 -  Upper Allen Fire Truck to visit GLEE

Mon., 10/10- GLEE is CLOSED for Columbus Day

Week of 10/17   - SPEECH/LANGUAGE Screenings for 3s and 4s

Wed., 10-/26 - Halloween Party/Parade for Busy Bees
Thurs., 10/27- Halloween Party/Parade for Green Frogs, Brown Bears, Bouncy Bugs, & Golden Guppies



Mon., 11/01- Field Trip to Paulus Market for Green Frogs/Brown Bears

Tues., 11/08- GLEE is closed for Election Day
Wed., 11/23- Mon., 11/28- GLEE is closed for Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, 11/29- GLEE Reopens



Tues., 12/13- Field Trip to CVHS Orchestra for Green Frogs/Brown Bears

Mon. 12/26- Fri., 1/6- GLEE is closed for Winter Break



Mon., 1/9- GLEE reopens
Mon., 1/16- GLEE is closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


MONDAY, January 16, 2017- GLEE registration for CURRENT students and their families. We do not accept any registrations prior to this date to be fair to all students.   9:00-12:00

THURSDAY, January 19, 2017- GLEE registration for any past GLEE families or church members can now register their children for the 2017-2018 school year.  9:30- 12:30

MONDAY, January 23, 2017- We will be holding an OPEN HOUSE for all current and future GLEE students and their families.   6:00- 7:30 PM                               (Snow Make Up day is Tuesday, Jan. 24.)

MONDAY, January 30, 2017-  We will be holding OPEN REGISTRATION for new families for the 2017-2018 school year. 9:30-12:30

Please check our Facebook page for up to date information on changes due to weather! 

February/March- Registration for our SUMMER CAMP Programs for 3s/4s classes!  More information to follow!


Mon., 2/13- - Valentines Party for Busy Bees 
Tues., 2/14- Valentines Party for Bouncy Bugs, Golden Guppies, Green Frogs & Brown Bears

Mon., 2/20- Glee is Closed for Presidents’ Day



Tues., 4/11- Spring Hat Parade for Bouncy Bugs & Golden Guppies

Wed., 4/12- Spring Hat Parade for Busy Bees, Green Frogs & Brown Bears

Thurs, 4/13 – Tues., 4/18 - Glee is Closed for Spring Break



Mon., 5/15- End of Year Show for the Busy Bees (subject to change)

Tues., 5/16- GLEE is Closed -Election Day (Voting in the church)

Wed., 5/17- End of Year Shows for Bugs, Guppies, Frogs & Bears 
(subject to change)