GLEE Preschool

Group Learning Education Experience.

Calendar of Events 2017 - 2018





Tues, Wed., Thurs.,   8/22, 8/23, 8/24:  3 Year Old Camp (Bouncy Bugs

Tues, Wed.. Thurs.,   8/29,  8/30,  8/31 : 3 Year Old Camp (Golden Guppies)



Tues., 9/5- Busy Bees (2s) Open House (6:00-7:00 PM)

Wed., 9/6- 3s and 4s Open House :

(6:00- 6:45 PM) Bouncy Bugs and Green Frogs / (6:45-7:30) Golden Guppies and Brown Bears

Thurs., 9/7- Open House (10:00AM- 12:00 PM) All Classes


MONDAY, 9/11 – FIRST DAY OF CLASS for Bees, Guppies, Frogs, & Bears!
TUESDAY, 9/12- FIRST DAY OF CLASS for Bouncy Bugs!


 Fri., 9/15- GLEE School Picnic at FISHER PARK   (11:30AM-1:00PM)

Tues., 9/19- Parent Meeting for Green Frogs & Brown Bears
Wed., 9/ 20- Parent Meeting for Busy Bees

Thurs., 9/21 - Parent Meeting for Bouncy Bugs & Golden Guppies

Wed., 9/27- Green Frogs, Brown Bears, Busy Bees: PICTURE DAY!

Thurs., 9/28- Bouncy Bugs, Golden Guppies:  PICTURE DAY!



Wed., 10/4- KIDSTUFF $ or Books are due

Mon., 10/9- GLEE is CLOSED for Columbus Day

Thurs., 10/12 -  Upper Allen Fire Truck to visit GLEE

Week of 10/16   - SPEECH/LANGUAGE Screenings for 3s and 4s

Wed., 10-/25 - Halloween Party/Parade for Busy Bees
Thurs., 10/26- Halloween Party/Parade for
Green Frogs, Brown Bears, Bouncy Bugs, & Golden Guppies



Tues., 11/07- GLEE is CLOSED for Election Day
Wed., 11/22- Mon., 11/27- GLEE is closed for Thanksgiving Break

Tuesday, 11/28- GLEE Reopens



Mon. 12/25- Fri., 1/5- GLEE is closed for Winter Break



Mon., 1/8- GLEE reopens
Mon., 1/15- GLEE is closed -Martin Luther King, Jr. Day                                &
REGISTRATION for Current Students

MONDAY, January 15, 2018

GLEE registration for CURRENT students and their families.

We do not accept any registrations prior to this date to be fair to all students.    9:00-12:00


THURSDAY, January 18, 2018

GLEE registration for any PAST GLEE families or church members.   9:30- 12:30


MONDAY, January 22, 2018

We will be holding an OPEN HOUSE for all current and future GLEE students and their families.   6:00- 7:30 PM

(Snow Make Up day is Tuesday, Jan. 23.)


MONDAY, January 29, 2018

We will be holding OPEN REGISTRATION for new families

for the 2018-2019 school year.    9:30-12:30


Wed., 2/14-  Valentines Party for Busy Bees, Green Frogs & Brown Bears 
Thurs.- 2/15 - Valentines Party for Bouncy Bugs &  Golden Guppies

Mon., 2/19- Glee is Closed for Presidents’ Day



Wed., 3/28- Spring Hat Parade for Busy Bees

Thurs., 3/29- Spring Hat Parade for Bugs, Guppies, Frogs, Bears

Thurs., 3/29-  Glee is NOW OPEN for a Snow Make Up Day

Mon.,, 4/2 - Glee is closed for Spring Break


Tues., 4/3- Glee Reopens



Tues., 5/15- Glee is CLOSED for Election Day (Voting in the church)

Wed., 5/16- End of Year Show for the Busy Bees 

Thurs., 5/17- End of Year Shows for Bugs, Guppies, Frogs & Bears